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Nevertheless the bluetooth address isn't the one specified in the code the one obtained when I program the dev kit.

The Bluetooth address obtained has been specified by murata? Where is it stored? So what mac address are you getting instead? An address of just zeros? An address that appears random?


Something else? When you run your program in RAM and not from OTP, these two must be undefined otherwise the result will be undefined.

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Somewhat simplified, if the mac address in the OTP header is programmed, that one is used, otherwise the one in the nvds struct is used. This is done by checking if the OTP contains 6 zeros or not. My NVDS struct is defined as follow :. Plus when I try to search it in the code, no occurence is found. I really don't know where it comes from.

If you can connect SmartSnippets to your Murata chip, you should be able to use the OTP tool to read the header contents and find that this address is already burnt in at "Device specific Id" at address 0x 4 7fd4. Preferably in the same section "Device specific Id" but 8 bytes forward, 0x 4 7fdc. If this and 0x7fe0 is unoccupied you see zeros in SmartSnippets , you can store your own MAC address here instead.

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If you update this define and leave that OTP area blank for debugging , your MAC address written in the nvds struct will be used instead. Hi Joacinwe, That's what I thought! However, when I was making the sample there were certainly more than two devices on the network - at least one of my other computers was connected. The debug will clarify why there is a difference between the snippets that have been added to the question.

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To do this, I'm running the following command: nmap -sn Nmap scan report for Nmap done: IP addresses 7 hosts up scanned in Nmap done: IP addresses 2 hosts up scanned in 2. Nmap done: IP addresses 4 hosts up scanned in 7.

Murata manufacturing co mac address

Sam Sam 4 4 bronze badges. The issue I'm having is that sometimes the result correctly outputs information about all of the devices on the network, but other times it only outputs information about my router Please add samples.

Murata Manufacturing: Ionizer module "ionissimo"

Final times for host: srtt: rttvar: to: Nmap scan report for X. Nmap scan report for X. Nmap done: IP addresses 2 hosts up scanned in Thanks, this helped.

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