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You should see Disk Utility in the utilities folder.

Save DVD Movies on External Hard Drive

When disk utility is open, you will see the words "disk utility" beside the apple, at the end of this top menu bar, you should see "help". Click on "help" and select "disk utility help". In the window that opens, search out the words "duplicate CD or DVD" in the top right search engine of this window. Slow progress. The file copies accross to the external drive but the tv won't display it. It seems the file type is being changed.

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This is the list, now from my trash, of the files I've copied so far onto the external hard drive. The tv powers up the external hard drive from the tv USB conector but just displays "No signal". I'm now trying copying from the DVD-r into iMovie and then by using Share exporting to the external hard drive. A long process showing around 2 hours in time remaining and, as yet, the external drive hasn't started up. I image it will be the same with the TV it will not recognize what you are copying to your HD. Without knowing the TV and what formats it is looking for, etc there is no way to advise you as the method to use for this.

This usually involves winding up with a. The movie project is still copying into the external hard drive so I don't know yet what it will end up as. Or taking your second option, what software would I use to turn the video file on the dvd into a type of data file you describe?

Copy-Protected DVDs

I have got Toast Titanium 10 which offers some options but I can't see one which might do what you suggest. I'm not sure it pays to continue with any of this until you know what format the TV is looking for when a disk is plugged into the USB port.

Rip Copy-Protected DVDs with Free Software for Windows 10, Mac OS X or Linux

Until you know that you're just guessing and likely wasting your time. There should be something in the use manual you got with the TV as for what formats it will play or look online.

Once you know the format then you can figure out what you need to do to the DVD's to get to that format. One other thing if the DVD's in question are commercial and it turns out you need to rip them then that cannot be discussed here as the hosts don;t allow conversations about DVD ripping here because of legal concerns. I just don't seem to able to copy that format though. Feb 21, AM in response to doverrog In response to doverrog.

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Feb 21, AM. Jun 12, AM. Question: Q: copy dvd to external hard drive More Less. Communities Contact Support. It provides functions like one-click burning DVD or Blu-ray disc, making photo slideshow, editing videos, and several other helpful features. When all settings and creations have finished, finally click on the Start button to initiate the process of copying your DVD to hard drive quickly. With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can copy your DVD to hard drive within 3 steps and takes just several minutes, which will help you save a lot of space and sort them quickly.

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4 Steps to Copy and Save DVD to External Hard Drive Free

Different copy modes for you to select. Free Download Free Download. Download Now Download Now. Christine Smith. Part 1. Wondershare DVD Creator provides you Custom Mode to make customization by cutting unlike parts, adding subtitles, choosing audio, and others. Click the More Information button to open the customization window, and preview what you have created from here. Christine Smith Editor.

go site With it, you could effortlessly achieve all your multimedia demands and enjoy DVD anywhere and anytime you like. Meanwhile, it provides large amounts of DIY features including trimming, cropping, splitting, adding subtitle file, adding video effect, etc. You may ask which output format is the best. What I do recommend for most of you is MP4. MP4 is currently the most popular video format, so to speak.

But why? Suppose you have a 7. And then the MP4 one, it looks great as well and like there is no quality loss.

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How did that happen? Bonus features are added, like compressing DVDs, adding subtitles, trimming, cutting, repairing scratched DVDs, and many more. Once you have saved your DVD library on your external hard drive, the digital files are compressed down to a very small size.