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Notify of. Now Available in the App Store Get access to our latest and featured articles from your favorite authors, wherever you are, directly on your phone! While there are other options available such as DV Node also known as WinDV , the creator of that software package is not very responsive to customers. I have let him know that there was an issue with using his software with both the DV Dongle and DVAP however other than him asking a question about what hardware I am using he has yet to reply to any of my email.

After buying a second hand icom ic e91 cheaply, i had to do something as i could only hit one dstar repeater with 5watts This was with the HT connected to my diamond xn colinear on a 10ft pole on the roof With the money i got off everyone for xmas i thought i would buy a dvap instead of the blue dongle as i have the icom ic 91 anyway Now i have the 2m version dvap running with the dutchstar software win dv and can access all the repeaters and reflectors worldwide while i sit on the sofa with a cup of tea Very easy to set up even for a dstar newb like me If you cant get any repeaters in your area you really need one of these, i can walk round the house talking to people worldwide Maybe a little expensive in the uk, but after using one it,s less expensive than a dstar mobile radio so works out cheaper If you dont have a dstar radio then buy the blue dongle Recommended, yes Paddy 2E0TXP.

The best part of this is that it works with a Mac.

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I have it in the bag with my MacBook pro, works flawlessly. I can now demo D Star at work. KK9H Rating: Very clever device! I had heard about these units for a some time and I finally bought a version last week. I have been absolutely delighted with it. Within the last six months I have taken two trips, one was to an area where no D-Star repeater existed and the other was to a locale where all the repeaters were permanently connected together to cover a huge geographical area. In each case I would have liked to have been able to talk to my D-Star friends back home, but with the wide area D-Star system I didn't really want to tie up such an enormous area with just my QSO.

My DVAP arrived this last weekend and I have been really enjoying using it with various reflectors and my local D-Star repeater while running my HT at its lowest power setting.

It is truly a very clever device. To send this review to a friend, complete the form below. More than 12 Months.

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