QIF files have to be created correctly to be imported. Quicken for or earlier for Windows imports QIF files only.

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Quicken for Mac imports CSV Mint files only into a new account, easily moved to another account. QIF format supports categories and subcategories and tags, and QFX does not Quicken offers the renaming rules feature to assign the category during import. CSV Mint supports categories and supported on Mac only and imports into a new account only transactions can be moved easily to another account after import. Regardless of the support, QIF files import quite well for all account types.

Simply follow the instructions provided on the converter help page, and your data will be imported. QFX files stop importing once your Quicken version becomes three years old. You have to either buy the upgrade or start using QIF format. QFX format is easier if you do not need categories during import. You do not need to have Internet connection active and firewall enabled for Quicken to go through to import a QIF file.

This can come quite handy when you work and travel and do not have Internet always on, but need to with your transactions. QIF format has many variants, make sure to select correct QIF variant for your Quicken version or other personal finance or accounting software. QIF format is a great format supporting categories and tags. Quicken was discouraging the QIF format until , but still, all Windows versions import it fine since Quicken , QIF file is "officially" supported.

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Quicken after Quicken ID update , for Windows fixes the issue and imports the same way as Quicken and earlier versions. Quicken has to be at least Deluxe version to import QIF files directly into bank or credit card accounts. Once imported, select and drag transactions into another account. Quicken for Windows imports QIF files with categories.

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Quicken and Quicken had issues with a direct QIF import, but Quicken for Windows does not have this issue anymore. Check out detailed tutorial how to import CSV into Quicken with categories. QIF format is a great file format to import transactions with categories and tags. Click Save.

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Click Save As on the File menu. Where's the formal definition for CSV files? There is no formal definition, it's an ad-hoc-format. There exists an RFC that describes a best practice approach, but it's in no way an official formal definition.

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