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Comparison of feed aggregators

Home Page Vienna 3. Vienna can connect directly to the websites you want to track. Vienna has been successfully tested with BazQux. Back to the Main Page of Pure Mac. Feeder 3. Reader Reader. The Early Edition Reader. Cozy Reader Reader. Android phone Corgi for Feedly Feedly on the lock screen. Press Reader. Nilsr Reader Free. FeedMe Reader Free.

BeyondPod Podcast Player Free. D7 Reader Reader.

Deer Reader Reader. FeedR Reader. JustReader Reader Free. Astro Player Podcast Player Free. Pure News Widget.

Pure Mac: RSS - Software for Mac

Executive Assistant Widget. Modern Reader Reader Free. Feed Hungry Reader Free.

NewsJet Reader Free. Audio News Reader Free. Feedya Reader Free. Feed Centre Reader Free. Android tablet Press Reader. Kindle feedly Reader Free. FeedLab Reader Free. Readiy Reader Free. Kara Reader Reader.

What's in this list?

MyReader Reader. Phonly Reader Free. The Today item in the left panel is where you can go to see all the news released today, while All includes older content, too. They both collect every source from all of your feeds and displays them on a single page, making it super easy to stay updated on all the content you're following.

Next to each feed is an unread count so that you can clearly see how many new topics have arisen since you last read through the feed. After you read something, you can select the checkmark on that article to tell Feedly to reduce the unread count by one. You can also mark an entire feed as read to clear the number completely. You can drag your different feeds up and down the side panel to reorganize them however you wish. Of course, the mobile app is another way to access your Feedly feeds.

Feedly is more than just a passive reading platform. You can save anything you want to remember for later.

RSS Reader Demo: Feedly

You do this through boards, which are like folders for content. You can make different boards to cover different topics and keep everything organized.

Use the Create New Board option from the left panel in Feedly to pick a name for the board. To save items to the new board, just hit the star on that article and choose which board it should be stored in. Similar to a board is the Read later section of Feedly. Press the bookmark icon on any article to immediately place it into this area of your account. Use it as a way to save something that you'll read soon but that you don't necessarily want to pin to a board.

It's like a temporary placeholder rather than a permanent bookmark.

2. Reeder 3

Just paste a URL into the box you'll see and it will be stored there for you to look at later.