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The local computers are connected by Ethernet cables; guest computers connect by wireless. Wired connections are faster, less subject to interference, and less vulnerable to security attack. Nov Apple has announced that it will abandon development on wireless routers. So no new Airport Extreme or Time Capsules. I guess this means no more security updates?

How to Connect to a Network on Your MacBook - dummies

This is very disappointing. That is, it makes up local Internet Protocol addresses for each device on your local network, and sends all devices' outgoing packets out over the the external Internet Protocol address. When a response packet comes back, the router matches up the packet sender with that of a previous request, and forwards the response to the local machine that is expecting it.

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Unsolicited messages are dropped, protecting your local computers from a lot of attacks. Some routers, like the Apple AirPort, allow you to connect a USB disk drive, and use it for backup and file sharing from computers on your internal network. I used this feature and it worked OK. Apple now says that this feature is only supported on certain AirPort models; the Time Capsule is an AirPort router with a built-in hard disk. By the way, do not configure your router to hide the network name SSID. This actually decreases security. Make up a random string for the name.

There have been recent reports of security problems with home routers. Some routers have "back doors" built into them; others can be hijacked if you visit a malicious web page. Your AirPort or Time Capsule has an administrator name and a password that lets you configure it. Pick a long password..

Can a Mac Be Connected to a PC?

Uncheck "allow setup over WAN. This depends on your Internet connection. I set mine to "DHCP.

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Choose "WPA2 Personal" for encryption, and pick a random network name and a strong password. You can also create a "guest network" for visitors to your premises: they won't be able to see your computers or printers. The "Network" tab says what kind of network your router provides to WiFi devices. Your router may have an option to enable IPV6.

This is a more advanced network address format, that will become widespread in the future. If you select Link-local , then your computers inside your home can talk to each other using IPV6, but nobody from outside can use IPV6 to access them. This is good: it is how mine is set up.

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You will be able to access sites on the Internet, no matter what kind of address they use. If you select Node or Tunnel , and don't block incoming IPV6 elsewhere, then your computers can be seen and attacked from distant machines. If you need to connect more computers or devices to your network than there are ports on your router, use an Ethernet hub.

Modern Macintoshes can send data very fast, at Gigabit Ethernet speeds, if both ends of the channel can handle this speed.

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If you buy a router or hub, make sure it supports Gigabit, or base-T, speed. When you are buying Ethernet cables, choose "cat 6" or "cat 6A" cables to make sure you get full speed. To use a printer on your home network and print to it from all your local computers 1 or 2 above , it needs a print server. If your router supports WiFi, then you don't need wires between the computers and the network. Visitors can temporarily use your Internet connection too.

Mac to PC Guide: How to Make the Switch

Folks using a wireless connection might have to move closer to the network base station to connect successfully, especially through walls. It works, it works! Okay, now what do you do with your all-new shining chrome network connection? Here are the most popular network perks. If your DSL or cable modem plugs directly into your MacBook, you might ponder just how the other computers on your network can share that spiffy high-speed broadband connection.

Click the Internet Sharing entry in the Services list to the left of the pane. Mountain Lion displays a warning dialog stating that connection sharing could affect your Internet service provider ISP or violate your agreement with your ISP. Select the On check box next to the Internet Sharing entry in the Services list. Those dinosaurs are s-l-o-w beyond belief. That snazzy equipment automatically connects your entire network to the Internet. You can swap all sorts of interesting files with other Macintosh computers on your network.

When you turn on file sharing, Mountain Lion lets all Macs on the network connect to your MacBook and share the files in your Public folder. Select the On check box next to the File Sharing service entry to enable the connections for Mac and Windows sharing.