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QXF is completely proprietary.

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This means Moneydance or other personal finance software companies cannot export data to QXF files. I believe the only route you could take would be to obtain a copy of Quicken for the PC. QIF export on Moneydance definitely works and produce file that can be imported into all other version of Quicken that support QIF import. The reason that I doubted that it worked is that no matter which account I export the output file size is exactly the same: kb.


Some of my accounts have 20 years of history, others 6 months, and yet kb. Am I doing something wrong? The export function is "awkward". Thanks in advance. That is troubling. What version of Moneydance are you running? If you are not running build please update to it.

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It can be downloaded from the link below:. If you are moving to a different personal finance application I would not recommend exporting a subset of your accounts. The reason being that if there are transfers between the accounts you will need to have both accounts in your other software for the transfers to balance. It would be considerably simpler to export all of your data to a single QIF file.

I WAS running Upgraded to The export file for all accounts was kb so I guess that was what was being done before. The export dialog is cleared in it's operation now. Now I ahve to find a way to import QIF files. They stopped supporting that after Quicken I'll check and see if you're right though Ben.

Quicken For Mac Review – Improvements And A Better Mobile App

Maybe they added it back into windows version of quicken? After that, more than a year went by with rumors escalating that the product was not long for this world.

In early , the company announced it would completely rewrite Quicken , and promised a new product called Quicken Financial Life for Mac in fall of That date came and went , and a new date was promised — summer We got a preview of Quicken Financial Life in early , but like a mirage in the desert, the product kept fading into the distance. It seems the most likely explanation for Intuit buying Mint.

Buying a competitor and making its head your new leader—talk about an admission that your own company has lost its way. Quicken Online will be phased out , the company announced in November, to be replaced by Mint.

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Follow the information below to learn more about how to make the switch. Check with their support for any issues exporting a QMTF file. Note: Be sure to select the proper date format matching the dates shown in the file.

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  • The "-" in date format options can take the place of various kinds of separators including slashes and spaces. Tip: Use the space bar to toggle the "Import" checkbox for the selected account or for the selected transaction s. Our file importing feature is widely regarded as one of the best there is, but it can only as good as the information available in the QMTF file.

    Although we try to accommodate for as many of the errors in the exports of other programs as we can, many of them simply export information incorrectly or incompletely. If there are any discrepancies, we recommend to check the more complex items such as investment accounts first.

    Quicken and Lion: Intuit Strikes (Out) Again

    With you data now imported into SEE Finance 2 , keep updating your finances in the program to stay on track and get ahead. After setting up your accounts you can establish account download connections to institutions.

    Setup scheduled transactions to keep up on your upcoming financial activity. Categorize your transactions to track your cash flow in detail. Create budgets to track your spending and save for the future. You can setup various types of reports to monitor your finances.