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Lynx is one of the most popular web browsers for command-line interfaces. Lynx is a customizable text-based web browser for use on cursor-addressable character cell In addition to pre-set options by command-line and configuration file, Lynx's behavior can be adjusted at runtime using its options menu.

This page gives some background and pointers to Lynx resources. We generally visited web pages using command-line, text-only browsers like the venerable Lynx.

Jump forward to these days of web browsers. One web browser that can be run in a plain text terminal is called Lynx.

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  7. Because Lynxlet is a standard browser application, it can be launched in the same ways as other browsers like Safari, FireFox, IE, etc. In addition to being a web browser, Lynx supports browsing for many other network protocols FTP, Gopher, Finger, etc and Local directory browsing.

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    The Lynxlet application supports these protocols wherever possible. Lynxlet can be launched using the open command as follows. Note: Up through The embedded lynx can also be directly run without the Lynxlet launcher.

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    This is particularly useful when using lynx in shell scripts or directly in local or remote interactive shells.