Once your computer recognizes your phone as a USB storage device, you can then transfer files to it such as music, pictures, contact lists, videos.

Añade música desde Dropbox a tu Librería de Música de tu iPhone Utilizando iTunes

Some Android devices are not recognized by Windows 7 because of missing drivers. The solution: you can install universal drivers.

O programa de referência para organizar, editar e compartilhar fotos

If you cannot find your Fairphone on your computer, check the Devices and Printers. You might find it there.

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If this is not the case, try to connect your phone to a different computer. Configure will scan your PC and get everything ready for compiling. Lastly, finish the compile process by re-running make, with make install. This will take the source code and install the compiled version of it to the system.

When the tool is installed on Linux, iOS devices will have an easy time interacting with Linux-based operating systems. To access files, follow these steps. Step 3 : If iFuse connects successfully, your iOS device will appear in the file manager as a mounted device. Click on it to browse the files on it.


Be ware that it may lock up at times. This is unavoidable as Apple products do not have official Linux support. Use at your own risk.

It can use iFuse and with it, automatically import the pictures and videos automatically. It works flawlessly, allowing you to manually choose what goes on your phone. It also integrated to file app to allow you to drag a file straight onto your iPhone.


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Very pleased it worked. The promotional literature on their iMazing. Visite imazing. Descarga gratuita Descarga gratuita Descarga gratuita Comprar.

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Ahorre ancho de banda Descargue una vez e instale cuantas veces quiera. Conserve apps antiguas por si desaparecen del App Store.

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  6. Transfiera archivos multimedia y documentos Use iMazing para explorar y compartir determinados archivos y carpetas de sus apps. Juegue en cualquier dispositivo Siga disfrutando de sus juegos favoritos en cualquier iPhone y iPad. Transfiera su historial de chat Que sus conversaciones de WhatsApp fluyan.